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AMHS Alumni News


In the Fall of 2004 - Principal, Kerry Csizmesia, appointed Guidance Department Secretary, Gayle (Wright, Class of 1970) Keyes, to head up an effort to bring new attention to the Alumni records of Arlington Memorial High School. Teaming up with long-time alumni record keeper, Dorothy Dusha, the push is on to reach more recent alumni, and keep everyone informed of any and all plans to resurrect alumni events. If you have not been contacted, and you have current for us, please forward it to the Guidance Department at AMHS,
529 East Arlington Road, Arlington, VT 05250 or call 802-375-1540 or
e-mail at [email protected]


The hope is for annual events to be restored, and class reunions encouraged with school participation and support. We are looking forward to getting our records in order. Please contact us with your information, ideas, and any help you can offer in locating folks we haven't found yet.


Thanks! We're looking forward to hearing from you!


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